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Upcoming Event: St. Lorenz Church Tours 

On August 18th, 1845, Frankenmuth was established when 12 of its 15 German immigrant founders traveled from their temporary lodging in Saginaw, through the virgin forest via oxcart, to their newly built communal log cabin.


To commemorate the 175th anniversary on August 18, 2020, St. Lorenz welcomes everyone to visit the site of Frankenmuth’s original settlement, which is directly across the street from St. Lorenz Lutheran Church at 1030 W. Tuscola Street.


Volunteer guides will be stationed from 5pm to 8pm on Tuesday, August 18th to show:

  • Two “Church bells in the forest” brought here from Germany by Frankenmuth’s founders
  • The replica of the Log Cabin parsonage-school-church
  • The church museum, displaying Native American and immigrant artifacts
  • Two Chippewa memorials
  • The Old Cemetery with information on specific tombstones of some early settlers
  • Corner markers of the 1852 church
  • The Ebenezer Stone erected 100 years ago, listing Frankenmuth’s 15 founders
  • St Lorenz Church, with stained glass showing the settlers’ Chippewa mission work
  • The State of Michigan historic marker from the 150th anniversary in 1995


Tour participants may park on Tuscola Street or in the church parking lot and visit the stations in any order. Masks will be required to enter the church, museum, and log cabin.


Please encourage friends and newcomers to participate to learn more about St. Lorenz and Frankenmuth’s history! And we welcome St. Lorenz members to get a refresher!


Upcoming Event: 175th Anniversary Worship Service

St. Lorenz has been sharing Christ and serving our community since 1845. On Sunday, August 23rd at 10:00 am, a service will be held in Memorial Park at the Palmer Schau Platz. Come join us!